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Products listed below are:

A Paranormal Casebook: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium by Loyd Auerbach

Hauntings & Poltergeists: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide, a book by Loyd Auerbach

Ghost Hunting:  How to Investigate the Paranormal, a book by Loyd Auerbach

Ghost Stories, volume 1 & 2, an audio-cd set by Loyd Auerbach

Exploring the Real-Life X-Files: Ghosts, a video lecture by Loyd Auerbach

The Haunting of the USS Hornet, vol. 1, a video production

Mind Over Matter, a book by Loyd Auerbach

Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium, a seminar on video

The PK Zone, a book by Pamela Rae Heath

ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists, an e-book by Loyd Auerbach

   Products may be purchased online or by regular mail.   All prices in U.S. Dollars.  To Order:

1)  Send email to Loyd Auerbach at with information about your order and how you will be paying.

2)  Credit cards are only accepted via  PayPal.  Email to send payment at PayPal is

3)  If ordering by mail, please make check (from a U.S. bank) or money order to Loyd Auerbach
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Loyd Auerbach, PO Box 875, Orinda, CA 94563-0875

4)  We'll send you an email on receipt of order and payment regarding delivery time.

We do try to get orders out within 2-3 days, but it may be up to 3 weeks for delivery
for some items depending on their immediate availability.
If ordering via regular mail, please be sure to send an email or call the Office of Paranormal Investigations
to tell us your order is on its way.  We only check the Post Office Box twice a month at present,
due to low volume of mail these days (everything is email!).

We send everything Priority Mail within the United States.
Please add $4.50 for the first item and $2.00 for every additional item with the following exceptions:

a)      Please note special postage fees for the GHOST HUNTING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM video seminar
and Pamela Rae Heath’s book THE PK ZONE
c)  If ordering from outside the United States, please enquire first about postage/shipping rates


A Paranormal Casebook:
Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium

New from Atriad Press

Loyd Auerbach, Director of The Office of Paranormal Investigations, has been investigating cases of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists for over a quarter century.


Investigating cases of ghostly phenomena is a rare occupation, but certainly an increasingly popular avocation for more people every year.  The professionals, those trained in knowledge of psychic phenomena of all sorts, know that at the heart of the best investigations is a good story:  the experiences of the witnesses and what’s causing those experiences.


Join Loyd Auerbach for a ride through some of his more exciting and perplexing investigations.  Read tales of tales such as the case of the apparition of a living woman, the peeping-tom ghost, strange footsteps in an attic, the water-tossing poltergeist and the ghost who likes to party.  Delve into a few of his more extensive cases, including the aircraft carrier USS Hornet and the bartender ghost of the Banta Inn.


Read the most extensive write-up so far of his favorite case, the Blue Lady of the Moss Beach Distillery restaurant – a ghost who walked through him several times.


Find out a bit about what drives Auerbach to seek answers to paranormal questions, and the conclusions he and many of his colleagues have reached about what apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists actually are.  And learn why “fear of ghosts” is not in his mind.


In this book, Auerbach also provides the answers to many of the questions often asked of him about the phenomena he studies, and about what drives him to investigate such things.


is available from the author, autographed,
for $18.95 plus shipping.
If you'd like the book autographed to someone in particular,
make sure you include this in your order.

See instructions below for ordering.


Hauntings & Poltergeists: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide
Learn how much psychic experience and abilities
are tied into people’s experiences and perceptions of
apparitions, hauntings & poltergeists

The new book from Loyd Auerbach

From Ronin Publishing, Hauntings & Poltergeists provides an understanding of
the phenomena of ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists based on the more than a
century of field and laboratory research by parapsychologists and professional
paranormal investigators.  How and why people often experience these things,
as well as models of what they might be is the focus of this book, as well as a close
look at non-paranormal – though sometimes weird and unusual – explanations.

In this book, Auerbach also provides examples of a few of his best cases,
paranormal and otherwise, to help readers understand just how the models
fit the experiences, and how parapsychologists approach their cases.

This book is for both the general reader interested in ghosts and psychic experience
AND for the amateur and would-be professional ghost hunter!

Hauntings & Poltergeists: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide, by Loyd Auerbach
is available from the author,
autographed, for $12.00
(list price $12.95) plus postage.
If you'd like the book autographed to someone in particular,
make sure you include this in your order.


GHOST HUNTING: How to Investigate the Paranormal
Learn how to Investigate Cases of Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergeists!

The new book from Loyd Auerbach

From by Ronin Publishing, GHOST HUNTING  describes the phenomena often referred to
as ghosts and what parapsychologists think they really represent.
In this manual, Loyd Auerbach explains the methods parapsychologists and
professional paranormal investigators have used to investigate and study reported incidents and
experiences of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists.  He explains the technology used by
ghost hunters and the limitations of the technology, when the equipment is and is not helpful
(something ignored by so many thrill-seekers).  The book will give you a step by step plan to
investigate paranormal occurrences.

In GHOST HUNTING you will discover:
>> How to tell paranormal events from coincidence and other normal-explanation situations
>>What’s really going on in poltergeist cases
>>How to tell the difference between an apparition (a true ghost) and a haunting (place memory)
>>How to properly conduct the investigation, from start to finish
>>How to help people come to some kind of resolution with their ghostly encounters,
including how to remove the phenomena (when it makes sense to do so)

All this and more…GHOST HUNTING shows how to tell the difference between the normal
and the paranormal – and the just plain weird!  It describes how to investigate these unusual
experiences by using the methods of parapsychologists and professional paranormal
investigators to come to the right conclusions and determine how to “bust “ –or befriend – the presence.

Learn how to approach ghost hunting as an objective parapsychologist would to uncover what is really going on.
Includes step-by-step instructions for interviewing witnesses and launching an investigation. 
Illustrated with many photos.


Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal, by Loyd Auerbach
is available from the author, autographed, for $12.00 (list price $12.95) plus postage.
If you'd like the book autographed to someone in particular, make sure you include this in your order.


GHOST STORIES, VOLUMES 1 & 2: the audio CD set

Loyd Auerbach has been investigating cases of apparitions, poltergeists and hauntings since 1979.
Over the years and hundreds of cases, several have stuck in his mind as being truly unique,
bizarre, and humorous or even a bit scary. Now he's put some of these cases and experiences
down on audio CD, for the listening thrills of any and all interested
 in the pursuit of the paranormal, in a two-CD (two hour) collection.

The GHOST STORIES CD set is available for $25.00 plus postage.



In this one-hour lecture, parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach explores the roots of some real life "X-Files":
those that are called "GHOSTS."

Beginning with a focus on psychic experiences and abilities, Auerbach relates some of the issues involved
when one investigates reports of apparitions, poltergeists and hauntings and discusses
the reality vs. the media's often overblown or misconceived portrayals of the phenomena.

He relates tales of true ghost sightings and investigations he has been involved in,
providing fans of ghost stories with unnerving accounts of the experiences of real people.

The one-hour video is available on VHS or DVD (specify which) for $15 plus postage.



A multi-part investigation of a haunted US Navy aircraft carrier: Part One now available.

The USS Hornet CVS-12 Aircraft Carrier is now a functional museum in Alameda, CA.
Since 1995, more than 30 witnesses have come forward with tales of encounters
with officers and enlisted men who suddenly vanish, unusual and unexplained sounds and even
more extraordinary sensations of spirits. In Volume One of the investigation of the Hornet,
the Office of Paranormal Investigations presents the first-hand experiences of
 primary witnesses to the ghosts that haunt the carrier.

The 40-minute video is available for $20 plus postage.
Partial proceeds go to the Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation, in support of the museum. 
For more information, go to the following website: D. R. & ASSOCIATES: USS Hornet

Part Two coming soon: more witnesses!


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MIND OVER MATTER by Loyd Auerbach (Kensington Books, 1996).
This book is available, autographed, from Loyd Auerbach for $14 plus postage.
 This book is now out of print.

The book shows you how much our Minds have an impact on ourselves and the world around us, moving from how we affect our own bodies and physical performance with our minds to how our minds can affect the world around us via psychokinesis.  By looking at a range of human performance issues and psychic experiences, we now know that the power of our Minds is greater than we may ever have imagined. The book covers such topics as the psychic powers of the saints and modern-day prophets, meditation, mental healing, super-human performance in sports, ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings, as well as psychic fraud. Includes a "do-it-yourself" section contributed by the late science/science fiction writer Martin Caidin, himself capable of psychokinesis, and 16 pages of photos.

If you'd like the book autographed to someone in particular, make sure you include this in your order.

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A 5-hour video seminar/workshop presented by
parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach and renowned psychic Annette Martin.

The workshop is currently Available on Video as a 5-hour seminar on 4 videotapes or DVD
(when ordering, specify VHS or DVD)

Taped in San Francisco, it is a full seminar providing the basic information an investigator of ghostly phenomena needs to understand, from BOTH the scientific and psychic perspectives.  It is unique because of both perspectives being included.

The following is the agenda of the seminar:


I. Introduction and Overview of the Seminar

II. Concepts

A. Scientific Conceptual Framework

B. Psychic Conceptual Framework


III. Basic Investigation Techniques

A. Interviewing Skills

B. Background Research Skills: Library & Online

C. Observation Skills: Perception, Magic & Fraud

D. Intuitive Skills

E. Equipment: The Basic "kit"

F.  Advanced Technology


IV. Apparitions:  Examples, Theories & Resolutions

V. Hauntings:  Examples, Theories & Resolutions

VI. Poltergeists:  Examples, Theories & Resolutions


VII. The Investigation from initial phone call to resolution

Questions to ask & Problems to solve

VIII. Role-Plays


IX. Psychological / Counseling Issues

X. How to find a good Psychic to work with

XI. Legal Issues and Money Issues

XII. Media Involvement

XIII. Final Q & A

XIV. SUMMARY & CLOSURE (and What Next?)

Available with short notebook and CD-Rom with additional materials (in PDF and Word) and an assessment test you can take in order to be part of the OPI Referral Network. The test, which you return via mail or email, will be "graded" and assessed by Loyd Auerbach and Annette Martin.  If you do well on it, you can be added to the list of OPI referrals for your area of the country, and eligible for other OPI-personnel specific seminars and workshops.



$100 for the 4 tape seminar (videotapes only)


$140 for the seminar tapes or DVDs, plus notebook & CD plus a special test that is returned to
Auerbach & Martin for "grading" and feedback.
Purpose: to qualify to become part of the OPI's network of field reporters.

Please add $10 to cover postage/handling for the set alone,
or $12 for the set plus the notebook.

SPECIAL OFFER: Order the full set of tapes/DVDs plus notebook plus a videotape or DVD of Loyd Auerbach's lecture,  EXPLORING THE REAL-LIFE X-FILES: GHOSTS for $160.00 postpaid (save on postage/handling).

IF YOU THINK YOU CAN PASS THE TEST WITHOUT THE SEMINAR:  We do make available separately the special test to be returned for "grading" and feedback.   Send an email if you'd like to receive the test.  However, there is a $25 charge for assessing the test.


Payment can be made via PayPal (to, or by check or money order mailed to:

Loyd Auerbach, PO Box 875, Orinda, CA 94563-0875

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Please call or email to find out our shipment
schedule (as this depends on immediate availability of the materials).  We generally
get things out within a couple of days via USPS Priority Mail.

If ordering by regular mail, please be sure to send an email or call and let us know your order
is on its way.  Otherwise, we normally only stop by the PO Box twice a month.

For more info, email
or call the Office of Paranormal Investigations at (415) 249-9275.

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A Cross-Cultural Review of Psychokinesis (PK)


Pamela Rae Heath, M.D., Psy.D.

A comprehensive review of psychokinesis, which includes stories of events around the globe,
the experimental research, and what it is like to actually do psychokinesis.


Book Description

This book is a tour de force, which leads the reader through the long and fascinating
history of psychokinesis (PK), in all its facets. From the earliest days of levitating saints
and rock throwing poltergeists to the latest research being done in the field, this book
covers it all. With degrees in both medicine and parapsychology, Dr. Heath documents
her material with painstaking care as she puts together all of the pieces of this intriguing puzzle.

Long a topic of myth and legend, the first section of the text explores stories of miraculous events
from a variety cultures around the globe. The second portion of the book shifts from the anecdotal
to what science has taught us. Over a hundred years of experimental research are reviewed
to examine what has been learned from archival data, field investigations, and formal controlled
studies of this controversial field. The third section of the book describes what performers
have themselves said about their experiences, in their own words.

Finally, the book considers what kinds of things appear to inhibit, or facilitate, performance.
By the end, the reader is left with a comprehensive sense of all that is currently understood about PK.


This exceptional new book on the experience of PK covers:

Part 1: Psychokinesis through the Ages: A Historical Cross-Cultural Review of PK Anecdotal Material. This included the topics of religious and spiritual PK, levitation, stigmata, inedia, teleportation, bilocation, fire immunity, luminosity, hemography, deliberately caused bodily damage phenomena, weather PK, physical mediumship, anomalous healing, sports PK, poltergeists and spontaneous nonrecurrent PK.

Part 2:  Research and Theory. This covers case collections, field research, and experimental research
on the subject of PK. There is a discussion of various theories and factors that might be involved in PK
performance, possible training methods, what learning theories would suggest about PK, and what models
 and theories have been proposed to account for PK.

Part 3: The PK Matrix: Experiential Research. This section is devoted to what PK performers have said
about what it is like for them to do PK. There is a brief discussion of phenomenological technique to help
the reader understand this research methodology, followed by a description of the primary constituents
of the experience and how they interact. Finally, there are some discussions about the apparent overlap
between PK and ESP, possible limiting factors to PK, and what experiences suggest about how people
can learn to perform PK

Loyd Auerbach says:  “This book is a natural follow-up to my own book Mind Over Matter.  For anyone truly interested not only in how PK shows itself, but also what the common factors are for PK performers (and what they experience when PK happens), you must have this book!”


THE PK ZONE, published in 2003 by iUniverse, 433 pp., 
is available for $26.95 plus $5.75 Priority Mail postage

Note:  This book is shipped out by the author,
so postage is separate from other items on this page.


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A Parapsychologist's Handbook
Loyd Auerbach

The original book (1986) called the “Sacred Text” on Ghosts by Newsweek is now available as a PDF e-book from Loyd Auerbach.  The book has a few bits of updating, but is essentially in its original “classic” form.  The e-book is available on
CD-Rom with a number of extras, including forms to use in an investigation.

The cost for this CD-Rom is $10, including first class postage. 
If ordering with another product, take $2 off ($8).


EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER: Contact Loyd Auerbach via email at
if you're interested in various combinations of products. 
We can offer discounts for multiple copies and for grouping products together. 


We send everything Priority Mail within the United States, with the exception of the CD of ESP, HAUNTINGS AND POLTERGESTS, which is sent first class mail (cost of CD includes postage). 
See note at top of page on payment options/instructions.

Please add $4.50 for the first item and $2.00 for every additional item with the following exceptions:

a)  Please note special postage fees for the GHOST HUNTING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM video seminar and Pamela Rae Heath’s book THE PK ZONE
c)  If ordering from outside the United States, please enquire first about postage/shipping rates

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Also visit the website of CALIFORNIA SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL, STUDY, INC. (CSPS) for Audio and Video Tapes of a variety of incredible lecturers and topics from the last several years of their meetings.  Included are presentations by OPI Director Loyd Auerbach, and such world-renowned experts in the paranormal and proto-science as Stanley Krippner, Edwin C. May, Arthur Hastings, Jon Klimo, Ruth-Inge Heinze, Annette Martin and many more.


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