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Welcome to, home on the web to
The Office of Paranormal Investigations.

The Paranormal Network is here to describe the real paranormal,
the field of Parapsychology,  psychic reports, activities, and investigations.

You can't beat the ongoing experiences of Loyd Auerbach, M.S.,
who the
San Francisco Examiner called “The Sam Spade of real ghostbusters"
was named the “Sacred Text” on Ghosts by Newsweek.


Certificate Course in Parapsychological Studies
at HCH Institute, Lafayette, CA
now available for Distance Learners!



The Office of Paranormal Investigations
Includes information on the group, basic info sheets on ghostly phenomena
and information you can use in your investigations                                                                    
Products:  Books, Videos and CDs


Loyd Auerbach:   Parapsychologist
Bio and other information about this parapsychologist,
investigator, author & psychic entertainer                                                                                     
Further EDUCATION in Parapsychology
Information on how to further your education in Parapsychology,
                                                                                                                                                                both academically and for general interest

                                                                                                                                                                Be sure to visit the Certificate Course page!!

FATE magazine articles

Columns & articles written by Loyd Auerbach
for the
U.S.'s oldest running magazine of the Unexplained                                           Additional Articles & Information

Articles on the Paranormal, psychic phenomena and Parapsychology
and related topics in addition to what's online under the FATE magazine category


Ghost Photos and Orbs
Comments on the proliferation of photos of ostensible ghosts and spirit “orbs”

Events & Announcements
Under  re-construction       

Professor Paranormal's Psychic Mind Theater
Loyd Auerbach's alter-ego…
Psychic Entertainment to Tickle Your Sixth Sense
                                                      Séance Fiction Theater
Want to have a spirited good time?


The Haunting of The Moss Beach Distillery
Good Food...Good Spirits! A special page devoted to one of Loyd Auerbach's favorite haunted spots.

Paranormal Activity:  Reports & Surveys
Report your own experiences!


To parapsychological & paranormal sites of interest


Loyd Auerbach will be appearing at the following upcoming events:


Live link for online registration form.



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