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Parapsychological Studies Program
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is dedicated to the scientific investigation and understanding of
spontaneous occurrences of psi phenomena.

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Founded in 1989 by Loyd Auerbach, M.S.,
OPI has consisted of parapsychological investigators and consultants
who are interested in exploring experiences and situations that people might consider
"psychic," "paranormal," "extrasensory," "spiritual," or related to these


Our primary areas of investigation involve sightings of apparitions (ghosts), unusual happenings in homes or offices or other locations that people have felt are "haunted,"
and poltergeist situations, where there are reported unusual physical effects or
movement of objects. In addition, OPI is interested in other forms of psi, such as
what has been alternately labeled "extrasensory perception" and "extended perception" (including precognition, clairvoyance, and telepathy),
psychokinesis (mind over matter),psychic healing, reincarnation,
near death experiences, out of body experiences,
trance channeling and mediumship, and other psychic experiences and practices.


OPI draws on the investigative and research traditions of Parapsychology, psychical research and other fields of science to provide information and consulting services for the general public, Media, Business, the Legal Community, Law Enforcement, Realtors, and other specialized audiences, and is also very interested in potential applications of psi experiences in those arenas.

OPI uses currently acceptable scientific methods of investigation. OPI staff investigate the problems reported, first looking for any and all "normal" explanations before assuming a paranormal one, then offers recommendations and service with respect to dealing with the phenomena or experiences. While it is effectively impossible to prove the existence of psychic phenomena in these situations given the current state of science and technology, OPI investigators have been successful in assisting people to understand such experiences and, when appropriate, in eliminating the phenomena.

OPI does provide a thorough investigation in such cases and an understanding of what is most likely happening, but NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE the removal of such phenomena. Our first obligation is to assist our clients through such situations and to provide advice and/or referrals based on our findings in their cases. Most OPI clients have reported successful resolution of their paranormal experiences. In addition, the specifics of all investigations are kept confidential, except those where clients have explicitly stated otherwise (in other words, we do not refer Media directly to our clients without explicit permission of said clients).

OPI conducts investigations mainly in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, but has conducted investigations in Southern California and other parts of the country.

OPI has affiliated investigators in Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Vermont, Idaho,
and several other states and can often (but not always) provide referrals to parapsychological investigators in other parts of the U.S. and in some other countries. 

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Besides investigative services, OPI provides consulting for:

1) Media people who need information on psychic events and experiences (our largest group of consulting clients).

2) Scientific researchers with need of expertise in stage magic and psychic fraud or investigative techniques.

3) Businesspeople who consult intuitives and other psychic practitioners.

4) Attorneys who may have cases involving Occult, supernatural, or psychic belief systems, or who may consult psychics for jury selection.

5) Law Enforcement personnel who may want assistance in working with psychic practitioners or need information regarding occult/supernatural beliefs and practices.

6) Public relations and Media coaching for researchers, investigators, and proprietors
of publicly "Haunted" locations.

7) Magicians, Mentalists & Psychic Entertainers who wish good information about
the paranormal

8) Educators who wish to include information on parapsycholog
ically related

Referrals to experts are provided as available for experiences and situations related to other anomalistic fields, not considered part of parapsychology
(i.e. UFOs, Cryptozoology, etc.). While some of our personnel are interested in and have knowledge of these areas, we do not actively investigate such reports.

OPI takes a proactive stance in getting reliable and accurate information on the paranormal out to the general public, the Media, and other interested parties. In the past, OPI has conducted workshops and lectures, as well as been involved in entertainment events, and will continue to do so in the future.

OPI also provides lecturers to other organizations, educational institutions and corporations.

One final note: OPI has no physical office space at present.
The phone number, (415) 249-9275, is a voicemail system that takes all calls.
Calls are retrieved throughout the day by OPI personnel, and returned ASAP.
You may also send email to Director Loyd Auerbach at profparanormal@gmail.com